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Instilling Excellence...
Transforming Generations

Alumni Come Home!

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Volunteer Opportunities

Greeters Program invites parents, alumni, grandparents and alumni parents to help us greet school visitors during Admissions Events, like tours, Open Houses, and Mansion Mocha Mondays, or at our annual programs like Jazz Night, the Holiday Show, fifth Grade or Kindergarten Graduation. Whether for one hour a month or several hours a week, the program is flexible. For more information or to volunteer, email Christie Johnson or Christy Edwards or call 614-258-4449.

Archives Management involves sorting and organizing the many items in Mansion’s archives. Items include yearbook, newspaper clippings, trophies, school spirit wear, pictures and many other items.

Make Mansion Beautiful: This event provides families with an opportunity to flex their “green thumb” and enhance the school grounds through weeding, mulching, flower planting, salsa garden planting, and butterfly garden maintenance on a Saturday in Mays

Goodwill Games is an annual event, typically held in the spring, to celebrate the end of another successful school year. The event is held during the school day and is a day filled with fun, food, games, and inflatables. Volunteers are needed for setup, registration, game supervision, and cleanup after the event.

Click here to find out the dates of our annual events that we are sure you won’t want to miss!

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