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Instilling Excellence...
Transforming Generations

Early Childhood

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The Early Childhood Program focuses on a balance between teacher-directed academics and play-based learning.

  • Thematic units constitute the core of the integrated curriculum of phonics, language, handwriting, math, science, fine and gross motor skills, social studies, socialization, self help, sensory experiences, and dramatic play.
  • A foundation of knowledge is built in the areas of technology, art, music, foreign languages (Spanish and Mandarin Chinese), health and wellness, and conflict resolution.
  • Through authentic assessment, each child’s strengths, challenges, and progress are continuously monitored.
  • Mansion Day School students are educated in a nurturing and safe environment that fosters self-confidence, self-worth, and responsibility for one’s actions.

The best word to describe how the students at Mansion Day School feel is…accepted.


Please view our Curriculum Overview to get more detailed information about Mansion Day School’s curriculum.